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Stock Profile of Wire Connectors

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•60x PWC400V102, 2 Pole Push Fit Connector

•60x PWC400V104, 2x2 Pole Push Fit Connector

•60x PWC400V106, 2x3 Pole Push Fit Connector

•60x PWC400V108, 2x4 Pole Push Fit Connector

•60x PWC400V173, 3 Pole Push Fit Connector

•70x CWC400V2P, 2 Pole Cage Fit Connector

•70x CWC400V3P, 3 Pole Cage Fit Connector

•70x CWC400V5P, 5 Pole Cage Fit Connector

•60x LWC101-1, Clamp to Clamp Connector

•60x LWC101-2, Push to Cage Connector

•10x Display Spigot

•10x Out of Stock Glands

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