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Stock Profile of Quick Fit Grommets

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•300x GROMMET20, 20mm Open Grommet

•300x GROMMET20CLOSED, 20mm Closed Grommet

•300x GROMMET25, 25mm Open Grommet

•300x GROMMET25CLOSED, 25mm Closed Grommet

•50x GROMMET32, 32mm Open Grommet

•50x GROMMET32CLOSED, 32mm Closed Grommet

•50x GROMMET38, 38mm Open Grommet

•50x GROMMET38CLOSED, 38mm Closed Grommet

•30x GROMMET50, 50mm Open Grommet

•30x GROMMET50CLOSED, 50mm Closed Grommet

•10x Display Spigot

•10x Out of Stock Cards

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