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Stock Profile of Hyperclaw Screwdrivers

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•3x HC-80980, 8mm Slotted

•3x HC-80965, 6.5mm Slotted

•3x HC-80955, 5.5mm Slotted

•3x HC-80940, 4mm Slotted

•4x HC-80930, 3mm Slotted

•4x HC-80925, 2.5mm Slotted

•4x HC-0809PH0, Size 0 Philips

•3x HC-0809PH1, Size 1 Philips

•3x HC-0809PH2, Size 2 Philips

•3x HC-0809PH3, Size 3 Philips

•4x HC-0809PZ0, Size 0 Pozi

•3x HC-0809PZ1, Size 1 Pozi

•3x HC-0809PZ2, Size 2 Pozi

•3x HC-0809PZ3, Size 3 Pozi

•4x HC-NEON1, Voltage Detector Screwdriver

•1x HC-RACK1, Screwdriver Display Rack

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