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Stock Profile of Girder Clips

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•100x M-BE24, BC250 3-8mm Flange, Beam Fastener

•100x M-BE58, BC500 9-14mm Flange, Beam Fastener

•100x M-BF1, VF1, 14-20mm Vertical Flange Hanger

•100x M-BMA416, AC25, 25mm Flange

•100x M-BH17, HSC1 V Light Hanger

•50x M-BW16, SC1000, Cable/Conduit Clip, 20-25mm Ø

•50x M-BC1, MC10, 18mm Flange

•50x M-BXS89, CR27, 2-4mm Flange, 8-9mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXS1011, CR210, 2-4mm Flange, 10-11mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXS1214, CR212, 2-4mm Flange, 12-14mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXM89, CR47, 4-7mm Flange, 8-9mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXM1011, CR410, 4-7mm Flange, 10-11mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXM1214, CR412, 4-7mm Flange, 12-14mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXL89, CR87, 8-12mm Flange, 8-9mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXL1011, CR810, 8-12mm Flange, 10-11mm Cable Ø

•50x M-BXL1214, CR812, 8-12mm Flange, 12-14mm Cable Ø

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