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Stock Profile of Cable Tie Bases and Fixings

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•500x CTBV20B, 19x19mm, 4.8mm Tie Width

•500x CTBV20N, 19x19mm, 4.8mm Tie Width

•500x CTBV25B, 28x28mm, 4.8mm Tie Width

•500x CTBV25N, 28x28mm, 4.8mm Tie Width

•300x CRAD78B, Screw Fixed, 9.3mm Tie Width, M5 Screw

•300x CRAD78N, Screw Fixed, 9.3mm Tie Width, M5 Screw

•300x SAC0, 20x15 Clip, 3mm Max Ø

•300x SAC1, 30x20 Clip, 4mm Max Ø

•500x TT100-2.5MARKER, 100mm Long, 2.5mm Wide Marker Tie

•500x TT200-4.8MAR, 200mm Long, 4.8mm Wide Marker Tie

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