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Stock Profile for Bootlace Ferrules and Crimpers

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•1000x 0.5BLFT, Insulated 0.5mm² Entry

•1000x 0.75BLFT, Insulated 0.75mm² Entry

•1000x 1.0BLFT, Insulated 1mm² Entry

•1000x 1.5BLFT, Insulated 1.5mm² Entry

•1000x 2.5BLFT, Insulated 2.5mm² Entry

•500x 4BLFT, Insulated 4mm² Entry

•200x 6BLFT, Insulated 6mm² Entry

•500x 2X0.75BLF, Twin Entry 0.75mm²

•500x 2X1.5BLF, Twin Entry 1.5mm²

•500x 2X2.5BLF, Twin Entry 2.5mm²

•2x BLT05-6, Bootlace Crimper 0.25-6mm² (Crush Type)

•11x Display Spigot

•11x Out of Stock Cards

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