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Stock Profile for Pre-Insulated Terminals

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•300x RR43, Ring Terminal 4.3mm Hole

•300x RR53, Ring Terminal 5.3mm Hole

•300x RR65, Ring Terminal 6.5mm Hole

•300x RFP63, Female Push-on 6.3mm Width, 0.5mm

•300x RSF4, Socket Terminal 4mm Diameter

•300x RBM4, Bullet Terminal 4mm Diameter

•300x RP12, Pin Terminal 12mm Length

•300x RF32, Fork Terminal 3.2mm Stud

•300x RF43, Fork Terminal 4.3mm Stud

•300x RF53, Fork Terminal 5.3mm Stud

•300x RFIP63, Fully Insulated Push-on 6.3mm Width, 0.5mm

•300x RMP63, Male Push-on 6.3mm Width

•500x BSL15, Butt Splice Connector

•300x BR43, Ring Terminal 4.3mm Hole

•300x BR53, Ring Terminal 5.3mm Hole

•300x BR65, Ring Terminal 6.5mm Hole

•300x BFP63, Female Push-on 6.3mm Width, 0.5mm

•300x BSF4, Socket Terminal 4mm Diameter

•300x BBM4, Bullet Terminal 4mm Diameter

•300x BMP63, Male Push-on 6.3mm Width

•300x BF43, Fork Terminal 4.3mm Stud

•300x BF53, Fork Terminal 5.3mm Stud

•300x BFIP63, Fully Insulated Push-on 6.3mm Width 0.5mm

•300x BP12, Pin Terminal 12mm Length

•500x BSL25, Butt Splice Connector

•300x YR53, Ring Terminal 5.3mm Hole

•300x YR65, Ring Terminal 6.5mm Hole

•300x YR85, Ring Terminal 8.5mm Hole

•300x YFP63, Female Push-on 6.3mm Width, 0.5mm

•300x YP14, Pin Terminal 14mm Length

•300x YFIP63, Fully Insulated Push-on 6.3mm Width

•500x BSL6, Butt Splice Connector

•300x YMP63, Male Push-on 6.3mm Width

•33x Display Spigot

•33x Out of Stock Cards

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