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Stock Profile for Copper Tube Lugs and Splices

Full Description

Profile Contents:

•100x T10-5, 10mm² Entry, M5 Hole

•100x T10-6, 10mm² Entry, M6 Hole

•100x T10-8, 10mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•50x T10-10, 10mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•100x T16-6, 16mm² Entry, M6 Hole

•100x T16-8, 16mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•50x T16-10, 16mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•100x T25-6, 25mm² Entry, M6 Hole

•100x T25-8, 25mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•50x T25-10, 25mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•50x T35-6, 35mm² Entry, M6 Hole

•50x T35-8, 35mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•50x T35-10, 35mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•50x T50-8, 50mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•50x T50-10, 50mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•50x T50-12, 50mm² Entry, M12 Hole

•30x T70-8, 70mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•30x T70-10, 70mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•30x T70-12, 70mm² Entry, M12 Hole

•30x T95-8, 95mm² Entry, M8 Hole

•30x T95-10, 95mm² Entry, M10 Hole

•30x T95-12, 95mm² Entry, M12 Hole

•100x BS10, 10mm² Splice Connector

•100x BS16, 16mm² Splice Connector

•50x BS25, 25mm² Splice Connector

•50x BS35, 35mm² Splice Connector

•30x BS50, 50mm² Splice Connector

•30x BS70, 70mm² Splice Connector

•30x BS95, 95mm² Splice Connector

•29x Display Spigot

•29x Out of Stock Cards

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