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K65 Route Marker Kit

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Product Information:

The K65 range of markers are supplied in a highly visible yellow colour and are ideal for marking and identifying large cables, bundles, conduit or pipes.

For sizing, you are only limited by the length of the cable tie you are using, suitable cable ties of different lengths can be found in the related product section below.

To install, slide the markers over the carrier strip and then cable tie the carrier strip onto the cable as per the above image.

This kit comes complete with a full range of markers and a selection of carrier strips. This kit does not include cable ties.


As this is a kit made up from multiple products, please see the page listing for each product for specification on each component:
•Carrier Strips
•Kit Box

Kit Contents:

•K65 markers numbers 0-9: 100 of each.

•K65 markers letters A-Z: 100 of each.

•K65 markers symbol Plus, Minus, Full Stop, Earth and Blank: 100 of each.

•CS-8 carrier strip: 50

•CS-12 carrier strip: 50

•Kit Box: Multicase

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Length: 480mm
Width: 380mm
Height: 50mm

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