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EL1/3 1-6mm² Marker Rack

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Product Information:

The EL1/3 markers are available to cover various cable sizes. Applied to cables prior to termination to mark/identify each core.

Supplied as full cassettes on a rack that can be dispensed from as needed.

To install, use the suitable Applicator Needle to slide the marker over the end of the cable.

Marker Specification:

Suitable Cable Size: 1-6mm²

Suitable Cable Diameter: 2.2-5mmØ

Markers per cassette: 500


Operating temperature: -20°C to +90°C

Flame Resistance: V0 UL94

Tensile Strength: 20 MPa

Rack Contents:

•EL1/3 markers numbers 0-9 (Black on White): 500 of each.

•EL1/3 markers letters A-Z : 500 of each.


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