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Weatherproof Sealing Compound (R391)

S391 is a single-part permanently soft and weatherproof flexible sealing/insulating compound for use in the following applications:

• General purpose sealing

• Blocking and filling electrical components e.g. Cables, Chokes, Junction boxes, Couplers, Glands, Switchgear, Light ballasts, Transformers.

Colour: Black

Viscosity Non-sagging putty soft & easy to mould

Exotherm No heat development

Specific gravity 1,7 – 1,8 g/cm3

Hardness <Shore A10

Heat distortion temperature -20°C – 85°C

(ASTM D648 – 56)

Chemical resistance Resistant to oils, detergents, grease, water, caustic sodas, petrol, alcohols, mild acids

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