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Trefoil Aluminium Cable Cleats

  • Our Trefoil Cleats are suitable for cables from 24mm to 76mm in diameter
  • Also available in 33 sizes
  • These cable cleats can be used for all types of cable routes
  • All cleats are supplied with a top fastening
  • Available as single or two fixing design
  • Plain finish for indoor and outdoor dry normal industrial use
  • Operating temperature: +100°C to -60°C – Single fixing: Plain finish
  • These cleats are suitable for use at a maximum fault level of 30 kA rms
  • Recommended maximum spacings for the Trefoil Cleat: straight runs 900mm, vertical bends 300mm and horizontal bends on each support, if necessary, intermediate unanchored cleats to limit restraint spacing to 300mm

More Information

Single fixing Trefoil Cleats

Plain finish TRAC

Epoxy coated TRAE

Two Fixing

Plain finish TRAC2

Epoxy coated TRAE2

Method of fixing a Trefoil Cleat

In all applications these high temperature terminals should be mounted on either one or two M10 fixings

asappropriate. It is essential that they are secured to supports that are capable of

withstanding the prospective short circuit forces.

Part No.Cable Ø A mm B mmD mmC mmC mmE mm
MinMaxSingle fixTwo fixings
TRAC 012425943875128102
TRAC 022527973875128102
TRAC 0327281003875128102
TRAC 0428301033876130104
TRAC 0530321053879133107
TRAC 0632341063883135109
TRAC 0734351093886137110
TRAC 0835361133889138113
TRAC 0936381163892140114
TRAC 1038401193895145118
TRAC 1140411223899147121
TRAC 12414312438105149123
TRAC 13434412738108150124
TRAC 14444613038112154128
TRAC 15464813338114156129
TRAC 16484913738118159133
TRAC 17495114038121165135
TRAC 18515314338124165137
TRAC 19535514638127172141
TRAC 20545615544133183152
TRAC 21565715844137187155
TRAC 22575916044141189157
TRAC 23596016344145191160
TRAC 24606216544148194162
TRAC 25626416844152196165
TRAC 26646517244156199168
TRAC 27656717644160202170
TRAC 28676817844164205173
TRAC 29687018144168208176
TRAC 30707218744171215183
TRAC 31727319044175217186
TRAC 32737419344179220188
TRAC 33747619744183222191