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Quick Fit Grommets

Push fit grommet seals are quick and easy to install, designed with a unique tapered flange to cut installation time by 50%.

More Information

Panel No. A - Panel HoleB - Panel ThicknessC - Cable Hole
GROMMET2020mm Open fast fit19.6mm1.9mm15.9mm
GROMMET20CLOSED20mm Closed fast fit19.6mm1.9mm15.9mm
GROMMET2525mm Open fast fit24.8mm2.1mm19.6mm
GROMMET25CLOSED25mm Closed fast fit24.8mm2.1mm19.6mm
GROMMET3232mm Open fast fit32mm1.6mm23.8mm
GROMMET32CLOSED32mm Closed fast fit32mm1.6mm23.8mm
GROMMET3838mm Open38mm1.6mm31.8mm
GROMMET38CLOSED38mm Closed38mm1.6mm31.8mm
GROMMET5050mm Open50mm1.6mm44.4mm
GROMMET50CLOSED50mm Closed50mm1.6mm44.4mm