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Preinsulated Crimps – Ring Terminals

rectangle-8 Red 0.5mm² -1.5mm² – 8A

rectangle-8-copy-19 Blue 1.5mm² – 2.5mm² – 8A

rectangle-8-copy-10 Yellow 4mm² – 6mm² – 8A

All terminals are made from oxygen-free high conductivity copper. Our ring, fork, butt, pin and blade terminals are then electro-tin plated for excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Push-on terminals are made from brass, while the insulated types benefit from an additional internal copper sleeve, ensuring insulation support and a good crimp joint.

Maximum working temperature +75°C.

Most terminals are UL and CSA approved. Please check for specific approval.


More Information

Part No.ColourDescription
RR32redRing Terminal 3.2mm Stud
RR37redRing Terminal 3.7mm Stud
RR43redRing Terminal 4.3mm Stud
RR53redRing Terminal 5.3mm Stud
RR65redRing Terminal 6.5mm Stud
RR85redRing Terminal 8.5mm Stud
BR32blueRing Terminal 3.2mm Stud
BR37blueRing Terminal 3.7mm Stud
BR43blueRing Terminal 4.3mm Stud
BR53blueRing Terminal 5.3mm Stud
BR65blueRing Terminal 6.5mm Stud
BR85blueRing Terminal 8.5mm Stud
YR37yellowRing Terminal 3.7mm Stud
YR43yellowRing Terminal 4.3mm Stud
YR53yellowRing Terminal 5.3mm Stud
YR65yellowRing Terminal 6.5mm Stud
YR85yellowRing Terminal 8.5mm Stud
YR10yellowRing Terminal 10.0mm Stud
YR12yellowRing Terminal 12.0mm Stud