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Preinsulated Crimps – Female Push-on Terminals

rectangle-8 Red 0.5mm² -1.5mm² – 8A

rectangle-8-copy-19 Blue 1.5mm² – 2.5mm² – 8A

rectangle-8-copy-10 Yellow 4mm² – 6mm² – 8A

All terminals are made from oxygen-free high conductivity copper. Our ring, fork, butt, pin and blade terminals are then electro-tin plated for excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Push-on terminals are made from brass, while the insulated types benefit from an additional internal copper sleeve, ensuring insulation support and a good crimp joint.

Maximum working temperature +75°C.

Most terminals are UL and CSA approved. Please check for specific approval.


More Information

Part No.ColourDescription
RFP28redFemale Push-On Terminal 2.8mm Width 0.5mm
RFP28XredFemale Push-On Terminal 2.8mm Width 0.8mm
RFP48redFemale Push-On Terminal 4.8mm Width 0.5mm
RFP48XredFemale Push-On Terminal 5.3mm Width 0.8mm
RFP63redFemale Push-On Terminal 6.3mm Width 0.5mm
BFP48blueFemale Push-On Terminal 4.8mm Width 0.5mm
BFP48XblueFemale Push-On Terminal 4.8mm Width 0.8mm
BFP63blueFemale Push-On Terminal 6.3mm Width 0.5mm
YFP63yellowFemale Push-On Terminal 6.3mm Width 0.5mm
YFP95yellowFemale Push-On Terminal 9.5mm Width 0.5mm