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Fire Safety Clip


The world’s fastest, safest, simplest fire clip?

  • Fast – 70% quicker to install than traditional methods
  • Life saver – Meets recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings in Escape Routes BS7671 Amendment 3
  • Cost effective – saves money on labour
  • Unique single component design – easy installation
  • Professional finish easily achieved – neat and tidy
  • Less drilling and screwing required
  • Reliable – maintains integrity longer
  • Tested in accordance with BSEN50200 PH120 Classification
  • Tested in accordance with DIN 4102-12 E90 Classification
  • Smoke emission tested to London Underground Standard
  • 1000°C melting point
  • Resist tensile loads of 244N
  • Salt spray tested to 500 hours
  • Compliant with the requirements of BS 8519:2010

Next generation safety, efficiency & value for money.

More Information

Maximum efficiency and minimal cost makes Linian fire clips the sensible choice.

After years of development the Linian fire clip was perfected to reach unprecedented performance.

Part No.Size and Colour
1LCB6086-8mm Black
1LCB9119-11mm Black
1LCR6086-8mm Red
1LCR9119-11mm Red
1LCW6086-8mm White
1LCW911 9-11mm White
1LCR68/26-8mm Double White
1LCW68/26-8mm Double Red
1LCR911/29-11mm Double Red
1LCW911/29-11mm Double White