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Copper Tube Right Angle Lugs

All angled terminals are available with palm angles of 90° as standard but are available to order with angles of 30°, 45°, 55° and 70°.

All sizes from 10mm2 to 240mm2 are held in stock.

Our specialist applications service can provide angled terminals to your requirements.

* Also larger sizes available

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Part No.
T10-6 RAT16-8 RAT35-6 RAT50-10 RAT95-8 RAT120-10 RAT150-12 RA
T10-8 RAT25-6 RAT35-8 RAT70-8 RAT95-10 RAT120-12 RAT185-10 RA
T16-6 RAT25-8 RAT50-8 RAT70-10 RAT95-12 RAT150-10 RAT185-12 RA