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Linian Fire Clips

new 9-11mm double enhanced LINIAN Fire Clip

9-11mm Double fire safe clips

Linian are leading the way in fire safe clips. After paying close attention to their customers’ feedback the Linian development team have just release the new 9-11mm double enhanced LINIAN Fire Clip. This new fire clip has been developed for larger cabling such as enhanced soft grade cabling, which has a higher fire resistance than standard…

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Fire Cable Clip

Linian fire safety clips are quickly becoming the UK’s prefered tool for installing all types of electrical cables and wiring. This is largely due to its practical design. After holes are drilled for the Linian fire clip no other tools are required which is why it is so fast to use. Fire clips in three…

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Fire clip installations New and Old

Drill a hole for a raw plug Fit a raw plug into the hole Screw in the fire clip The conventional method for installing a fire clip is both costly and time consuming The conventional method of installing fire safety clips requires additional labor, materials and tooling. This makes the whole process more costly and…

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Linian Fire Clips Uses and Applications

Linian Fire Clip Usage-and-Applications-image

The worldwide Linian Fire Clip has a host of applications for every industry. Linian is the leading manufacturer of a game changing spring action clip that replaces traditional methods for securing fire cable. You’ll see in the images below that the Linian Fire Clip is easy to use and also look great once fitted. 1.…

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