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Four Paws

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As a people centric business, we are constantly exploring new ways to support our teams mental health and well being in the work place.

At TermTech, we are a dog friendly bunch and on any given date there will surely be pooches help keeping us calm in the office!

Not only is it a shared love of dogs that unites us in our approach, but there is extensive research highlighting the many benefits of having our canine friends in the office. Research has shown that pets in the workplace increases work ethic and has a positive, motivating and performance-enhancing effect.

Since the pandemic, workplace patterns have shift ends significantly and the realization of the many benefits of pets at home can offer in terms of mental well being is now being transposed to the workspace.

Steve Parry of Term Tech commented: “It’s incredibly important that our team feel comfortable, confident and hand happy at work. If bringing dogs into work support this ethos, then we’re all for it.

“We’re all so used to having dogs in the office now that it really has become part of how we work. We are a fairly calm bunch and try to keep stress and anxiety levels to a minimum -having our pets around undoubtedly helps us achieve this.”

TermTech supports Mental Health Awareness Week taking place this week. For further inform visits

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